The Last thing I expected to be doing

As a woman of few words, the last think I would have expected to be doing, this time last year,  was starting a blog.  Now, however,  I am no longer quite the same person I was before my relatively straightforward, happy life was shattered in an instant in July 2015.

As a visual artist, paint and textiles are the way I usually choose to express myself creatively. Now though, as I’m left trying to work out who I am and where I’m going, this is difficult. There is too much going round in my head that can only be expressed in words or perhaps by a radically different  approach to my visual artwork but I’m not ready for that yet. I hope that writing things down might help me to start working things out. It will certainly be a good thing to stop keeping most of my feelings within myself so that they just go round and round in my head and make me feel distanced from everyone else. If anyone wants to read about my journey along the way, that’s good, and if it is helpful in any way to someone in a similar situation that’s even better.


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